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Computers are supposed to make life easier, but they often bring me to the brink of tears or violence. Today was one of those days. Between the computers, networks and my menopausal mind malfunctions I’m starting to wonder why I bothered to get out of bed. I fought with my computer at work over a connectivity issue that I have not been able to resolve despite calling Charter Internet Service many times and even bringing in the Geek Squad for help.

I gave up the battle and left Johnny’s because I wanted to be at our local DMV office before they opened to avoid a long line. I was very irritated with myself for needing to go there in the first place. I’d forgotten that I hadn’t paid for my car registration because I had trouble logging into the DMV website. I decided to take my check to the AAA office and pay it there but forgot that too. I freaked out because my payment was already two days late and once again tried unsuccessfully to pay my bill online. When that didn’t work I tried to pay it over the phone but the automated system didn’t like my license plate number despite my restating it very slowly more times than I could count. I shoved the bill and the check into my purse and vowed to remember to go to the AAA office and drop it off. Once again, I did not. Four days went by before I noticed the bill in my purse.

So today I took it straight to the DMV office. When I arrived there before the doors opened, twenty people were already in line. I ventured inside with the throng and asked the man behind the desk if there was a drop box because I had no intention of adding to my stressful morning by waiting in a long line at the DMV. I asked the gentleman how long it would take to get tags if I just dropped my payment in the box and he suggested I pay over the phone so that I would get my tags right away. I said, “I can do it over the phone?” Hello dingy! Why did I not remember that I had already attempted that? I headed right back home with my check to pay my bill over the telephone. I was very quickly reminded that I had already been down that road. Have you ever been so mad at yourself that you would pay someone to slap you? After fifteen minutes and many unsuccessful attempts at the pay-by-phone solution, I now need to return to DMV and if I don’t do it by tomorrow it will cost me an additional $13.00 above the extra $23.00 I already owed for being late in the first place.

My poor cat didn’t know what to make of the tantrum I threw. It took a lot of prayer to calm myself down. I went for a walk to blow off some steam. When I got home I went right to my computer to do today’s Lumosity training because I clearly needed the brain food. My computer told me that I needed to download Adobe Flash Player first. Since I spent an hour on the phone with the Geek Squad the week before downloading the Flash Player to my computer I knew it should be there. I’ll make a very long story short and say that after another thirty minutes with the Geek Squad I got the Flash Player downloaded to my computer (for reals this time), only to find out that Internet Explorer doesn’t recognize the Flash Player and I can only operate Lumosity when using Chrome as my browser.

So with my vow to stay peaceful today completely blown to bits, I think I’m going to say the heck with it and take a much needed nap. My menopausal night sweats don’t allow for much sleep. Man it sucks getting old!

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