Guess what folks? April 28th is National Hairball Awareness Day. I’m not making it up. Since subscribing to the National Day Calendar I’ve been enlightened  about many days of observance that I was previously oblivious to. I found out its National Shrimp Scampi Day tomorrow, a bit too late to arrange to have it on the menu at Johnny’s. Somehow I don’t think my customers are aware of it either.

I’m finding the entire National Day thing quite entertaining and as a writer it’s great for inspiring material. You find the most interesting facts in a Google search. For instance, according to Wikipedia, fur ball is military slang for a large aerial battle consisting of many fighter aircrafts. I’ll bet you didn’t know that one.

For me it’s a chance to pay tribute to my fur babies. Happily they don’t suffer from fur balls. So here are some fun pictures of my little bundles of joy. I hope you enjoy them. The battle for mom’s sink has gotten intense.

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