This picture says it all.

This picture says it all.

I’m so grateful for everything that God has done in our lives. In March of 2002 on the way home from an Al-Anon meeting God spoke these words into my heart, “Your marriage will be saved. Quit trying to fix it yourself. Give Tommy over to me and I will work miracles.” If you read my memoir Born Again in a Biker Bar you’ll know that it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight but God was true to his promises.

Now here we are celebrating Tommy’s ten years of sobriety. And the miracles just keep on coming. I’ll share more of those with you in another post, but for now I just want to celebrate this auspicious day. I’m so proud of my husband. Here’s to Tommy, the love of my life.

Celebrating Tommy’s Ten Years of Sobriety

Ten years you’ve been sober and I am so very proud.
nly I believed in you, I’ve never gone with the crowd.
y faith could not be shaken, once I put my trust in God.
iserable, I wondered if I’d make it, but I am a bulldog.
ahweh said, “Be patient, your marriage will be saved.

Trust this man into my hands, walk the road that I have paved.
Every day one step at a time through this trial we’ve braved.
Navigating through our brokenness didn’t happen overnight.

Years of praying and believing with no end in sight.
Exactly as He’d planned it, God pulled us through our plight.
All those years of tears and begging could never make you change.
Renewing our commitment to God gave us the marriage He ordained.
Secure with Him in the center of our lives, our love will always remain.

God's light continues to shine on our marriage.

God’s light continues to shine on our marriage.

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