I love hanging with my biker friends.

My goal as a writer is to take people on a journey using historic facts as well as intriguing current events. As the owner of Johnny’s, (a historic bike bar) for almost twenty years, my life is filled with bikers. They connect with each other on the road and they connect to their passion through their stories. It is a community of extraordinary free spirited people, of which I am proud to be included. My goal is to uncover, as well as rediscover many of these marvelous stories and bring them to life. I’m also in a great position to share some experiences of my own.

The camaraderie between bikers is hard for those who have never mounted a two wheel vehicle to comprehend. A rider doesn’t have to belong to a club to experience it either. It’s just something that happens when you mount that iron horse and feel the rumble of the engine. Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you become a part of a sacred clan. You feel the wind in your face as you sail down the road and something about it just screams freedom. It’s a feeling that can hardly be described.

Of the thousands of bikers that I have had the pleasure of visiting with, most are interested in the mystique and history of motorcycles and their riders. They love to hear stories about the comrades that blazed the trail before them. They devour material that covers biker lore. As owner of the only bar still in existence that catered to the motorcyclists that took over the town of Hollister in 1947, I have a perspective like no other. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying about Hollister and Johnny’s and their place in history. The more I uncover, the more I want to know, and the more I want to share.

A Boozefighter member towed their trailer to Hollister with his 33 Cadillac A Boozefighter member towed their trailer to Hollister with his 33 Cadillac

Bikers connect more fully to their motorcycling passion with knowledge of its place in the past. I hope to help them do that through my writing. There are also plenty of people who do not ride that enjoy reading the stories of a world that they can only enter through their imagination. I hope to take everyone who reads my prose along on a wonderful ride.

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