National Novel Writing Month - November

National Novel Writing Month – November

Inspired by the NaNoWriMo I decided to take the plunge and attempt to write a novel in a month. I’d had the burning desire to write fiction but didn’t know where to start. Once I got rolling my story took on a life of it’s own. November came to a close and I had written over 51,000 words but my novel was far from finished. I plodded on, and yesterday I finally wrote the two greatest words a author has the privilege of writing, The End. It’s only the first draft and now the editing job begins. All 71,530 words must be read over repeatedly and scrutinized. I’m thrilled to begin the process. Here is a summary of my new novel.

Summary- She Found Happiness on the Way Through Hell
Fiction- Charisse Tyson

Seventeen year old Chantel Foley has not had an easy life. Brought up by Nadine, a single mother whose thirst for male companionship overshadowed her motherly instincts, Chantel learned at an early age that if she and her younger brother, Ronnie, were going to survive, the burden of their care would fall to her. In She Found Happiness on the Way Through Hell unprecedented twists of fate put her survival skills to the test.

Late one night, while walking home from Jessie’s Restaurant and Lounge where she works as a waitress, Chantel happens upon a would-be gang member in an alley. Witnessing him strangling a helpless kitten, she becomes unhinged. The rope that the thug used to kill the kitten becomes his noose, and the years of anger and bitterness she’s harbored are unleashed upon him. Chantel leaves the victim of her rage in the alley; sure that she has taken his life. Her job in a popular restaurant in the tiny town of Aurora, California puts her in immediate contact with the two detectives assigned to solve the case of the murdered fifteen year old boy. Consequently her nerve is tested beyond belief.

Despite the threat of incarceration she finds a glimpse of happiness when her wild mother leaves town with her low-life boyfriend, and unlikely friends embrace her and her brother. Just when it looks like her way of life is changing for the better, her newfound blissful existence is shattered. Kidnapped by a demented stalker from her place of employment she doubts that she will live to see another day.

Will the detectives find her before it’s too late? Will they find out about the incident in the alley? Will she ever find true happiness or will her sordid past destroy her future?

Charisse Tyson, acclaimed author of Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place / Memoir of a Christian Woman Biker Bar Owner, interweaves many of her life experiences into her first work of fiction. Her strong narrative voice makes She Found Happiness on the Way Through Hell an engrossing read.

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