Peaches loved her daddy too. We are both missing her terribly.

Peaches loved her daddy too. We are both missing her terribly.

Help me Lord, it’s day fifteen
Since my precious Peaches has been seen.

I’m fighting hard to ward off my fears
I still continue to break down in tears.

You’re good book says you’ll never leave nor forsake me.
This test is hard Lord, I fear it may break me.

The enemy whispers his lies in my ears.
God doesn’t care, He doesn’t see your tears.

Satan’s a liar, my life a testament to the fact.
My husband’s sober, our marriage intact.

Many said we would not make it and Tommy would never change.
But God and I knew better, His plan was prearranged.

He didn’t say it would be easy but promised if I’d endure,
My faith would grow exponentially and spiritually I’d mature.

I buckled in and prepared myself for the very rough ride.
God told me the first thing that had to go, would be my foolish pride.

I’d told myself for way too long, you can handle this alone.
I was truly tough as nails and independent prone.

The threat of divorce knocked me to my knees.
I’m not so tough after all, God help me please.

I leaned in and trusted God to do what He would do.
I knew that no matter what happened He would pull me though.

October will be twenty six years since God brought Tommy and I together.
We love each other, are lifelong partners, whatever we have to weather.

I’ve cried out to God, “How could this happen? Why take Peaches from me?”
I do not understand His ways, I’ll have to wait and see.

This too shall pass if I keep the faith and trust in the Almighty’s plan.
I know I’ve got it in me, my Lord tells me that I can.

I want things to go my way, I want my Peaches back.
But I trust in Christ no matter what happens, to keep my life on track.

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