The essence of peaceful.

Baby Paddy – The essence of peaceful.

We are living in crazy times. Suicide bombers of ISIS are blowing up amusement parks full of women and children. We are witnessing one of the craziest presidential races that this country has ever seen. Our current president is doing as much damage to the country as he possibly can before being replaced in the oval office. How do you experience true everlasting peace in the middle of all this turmoil? By leaning on, trusting in and relying on God.

If it weren’t for my relationship with Christ I’d lose my mind. If I didn’t know that amongst all of the turmoil He is still in charge I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. The atheist and agnostics like to point to the turmoil and say, “If there is a God, how could He let all of this terrible stuff happen?” What it all boils down to is free choice. God didn’t make puppets that do everything He wants us to do. He gave us the right to choose our paths. He has a wonderful life planned out for us but most of the time we take off in our own direction. When things go south we cry, “Why God why? How could you let this happen to me?” Even the people that supposedly don’t believe in God blame Him when terrible things happen. Crazy isn’t it? How can you possibly blame someone that you don’t even believe in?

God created each and every one of us with a place in our hearts that only He can fill. Many of us try to fill that empty place with things or other people. We think if I could just have this I would be happy. If that person would just love me the way I love them I could be happy. But without peace there is no true happiness. And the way to experience true everlasting peace is to invite Christ into that empty place in your heart. He is the only one that will never let you down. He will never leave you or forsake you. He wants the best for you and when you give Him the reins to your life He does some amazing things.

I am living such a blessed life right now that sometimes I have to pinch myself to be sure that it is real. My husband has been sober for more than ten years. He has a brand new hip and he feels better than he has in longer than either of us can remember. Johnny’s is thriving in a way that I could only have imagined. The financial blessings have given us the capability of blessing many others. As far as I’m concerned nothing is more rewarding than helping others. But does all this mean I don’t still have problems and really bad or challenging days? Heck no!

I faced a situation last week that would have sent me over the edge ten years ago. Without the spiritual growth I’ve experienced in my walk with God I know that I would have handled the situation very badly. Without getting into details I’ll say that a large group of people targeted me and my business to do harm. They perceived my efforts to expand and promote their annual event as an effort to take something away from them. I can say with confidence that my efforts over the past twenty years helped to build their event to its current level, not take away from it. Without faith that God works out for good what is meant for my harm, the assault on my business would have made this crazy redhead flip her lid. I can picture how I would have handled it without my faith and it isn’t very pretty. As always, in the end I came out a winner.

His peace transcends the worlds.

His peace transcends the worlds.

If you would like to know the true peace that surpasses understanding give the Lord a try. I can tell you from personal experience that life is so good with God at the center of it. God wants a relationship with you. He doesn’t want your religion. Get to know Him and put your life into His hands and just watch what He will do for you. Tune into God and tune out the turmoil. It’s the only way to live a life filled with everlasting peace.

Suggested Prayer: Lord I need you. I need your peace. I want you to fill that empty place in my heart that only you can fill. I give you my past and my future. I ask you to forgive me of all of my sins and give me a fresh start. Guide me in all I do. Make my life a shining example of how good it can be with You in the center of it. I love you. Amen

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