The great article that alerted me.

The great article that alerted me.

I’m so excited to have finished the first draft of my new book She Found Happiness on the Way Through Hell, and be in the editing process. I’d never written a fiction novel and I made the up names of my characters off the top of my head. While reading my February edition of the Writer magazine I found an interview with an acclaimed author who has had twelve of his numerous books adapted for film and TV. For pity sakes, Warren Adler wrote War of the Roses and I didn’t know his name. I’ve enjoyed the movie more than once but never read the novel. Imagine my chagrin when I realized that I had chosen a name for my villain that matched that of the famous author.

I know how lousy it feels to have your name used in a book in a not-so-flattering fashion. When I typed my name into the Amazon browser for the first time after publishing my memoir Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place, another book popped up called Bum Magnet. The author chose my name for her protagonist, a woman that apparently attracts creeps. I’ll be honest I haven’t read the book. It could be that her Charisse Tyson is actually a really great gal. I just wasn’t thrilled to have my name attached to a bum magnet since I’d left that life behind long ago.

My biggest concern was that for a short period of time K.L. Brady’s book trumped mine. Happily my book is now at the top of the list. I wondered if I should have been using my middle name to publish my book. It was, however, a little late for second guessing.
As much as I like the possibility of my new book getting extra traction in search engines because of the use of the famous author’s name, I think its best that I change my murderous villain’s surname. I’m grateful for that wonderful Microsoft Word feature, find and replace. It will make my job a lot easier.

I will say that the interview with Warren Adler written by Jonathan Aldridge in the Writer magazine was very engaging. Mr. Adler had candid answers to questions asked by Aldridge that benefited me as an author. If you are out there somewhere reading this, Mr. Adler, I think you’re great and I’m glad that I dodged the bullet on the name issue.
Confession – I’ll have to admit to using Warren Adler in the tag for this blog. I’m giving him and the Writer magazine a plug so I believe a little help in the search engine area is acceptable.

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