Tonight President Obama will make his State of the Nation address and I wouldn’t watch it if you paid me. Things are a little tight right now; maybe for a couple hundred dollars I’d consider it. The biased media and current administration are busy trying to delude taxpaying citizens that the abysmal economy is on the road to recovery. I’m not buying their lies. I live in the real world. As a small business owner, Obama and his administration scare the bejesus out of me. I’m still shocked that a majority of Americans didn’t see through the treachery and voted the man back into office.

ObamaCare hasn’t completely kicked in yet but its ramifications are already rearing their ugly heads. Ask any doctor, hospital administrator or your local insurance agent about it and you’ll find that even if you are like me, (currently uninsured) your future does not look bright. I’ve been holding off on purchasing medical insurance because it is so costly but my agent assures me that it will get worse when ObamaCare kicks in. My local pharmacy owner is pretty certain that it will eventually put him out of business.

Obama’s administration alleges that ObamaCare will save the country money in the long run. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what a bald face lie that is. It’s going to cost taxpayers plenty. The people that won’t pay for it are the same folks that aren’t paying for their medical costs now. A lot of wonderful people lost their insurance when they lost their jobs because of the recession. However, the lazy people who are happy to live off of their unemployment checks for years, more than outnumber them. You throw in the people who have been milking the system their entire lives and there are plenty of people looking for free health care.

I don’t want free health care. All I’ve ever wanted is a good policy at a reasonable price. I didn’t think it was fair when an insurance company refused coverage to my husband because he was an alcoholic. He’d been sober for five years and was a heck of a lot healthier that he was when he was drinking. Insurance companies pick and choose who they will and will not cover, as well as set their own prices and ObamaCare doesn’t begin to address the problem in a plausible or judicious fashion.

The Obama administration rammed ObamaCare down the throats of this nation without having a clue as to what was in the legislation. The 2700 page document has more holes than it has policies. According to the Forbes website, the government’s re-engineering of the private market place required 13,000 pages of federal regulations. One rule took 18 pages to describe what a full time employee is.

The administration has the audacity to brag that Medicare costs are down. At what price to the recipients? You know, the folks that paid into it, their entire working lives. Congress should have addressed the well-known fraud in Medicare years ago. They could have saved millions of dollars without taking benefits from the very people that paid for them.

Will congress have to subscribe to the program they are pushing off on us? Hell no! They put legislation in place that they won’t ever have to live with. The Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan offers a choice of ten healthcare options and our tax dollars pay 72% of the costs. According to an article in the LA Times, in 2008 taxpayers spent about 15 billion dollars to insure 8.5 million federal workers and their families. For congress, there is no such thing as a pre-existing condition and no waiting period. If a member of congress has a stroke their first day on the job and requires medical attention for years, it is paid for with tax dollars from regular folks like me, who can’t afford their own darn health coverage.

The system is terribly broken and ObamaCare is only going to make it worse. Yes, I am a conservative. I have many liberal friends who voted for Obama. As much as I love them, their choice to keep their heads in the sand about the man they put into office bugs the heck out of me. I hope they enjoy the speech of lies their president will read off of the teleprompter tonight. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather watch Sponge Bob Square Pants or better yet, Mayberry RFD reruns. Now there’s a man of principle. Sheriff Andy Taylor taught Opie valuable, moral, life lessons. It’s too bad we don’t have him in the White House.

  • Fran Manus Galvin

    Spot on, Charisse! I stand there listening to people say they are going to have free healthcare, etc. It’s mind boggling that people open their hands for the gimme free stuff and don’t have a clue as to what is happening to our country. Now I realize why the term sheeple was created. ” And the people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6.” Keep on telling it like it is, my friend.

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