hanging on cliffYesterday was one of those days when if it weren’t for God I would have gone over the edge. I started my day full of optimism despite a very unpleasant task on my list of things to do. I settled into my chair with my journal and thanked God for the right results for the matter at hand. I prayed for His wisdom and guidance. After journaling, which is actually my morning conversation with God, I got out my devotional. When I read that a difficult task was a hand-tailored blessing designed for my benefit and growth it actually made me chuckle. I told God that sometimes I failed to understand His sense of humor.

From Jesus Calling by Sara Young

From Jesus Calling by Sara Young

From there I went to my email to read my Christian Life coach’s devotional. It is now painfully obvious that God told him what I needed to hear in preparation for the day ahead. The words he shared with me didn’t make complete sense until today. The other entanglements that came my way yesterday were addressed fully in that devotional. It was a stressful day but I didn’t let it get me down. There was a time when a day like the one I had yesterday would have completely derailed me. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful loving God to get me through my struggles. In the Bible John 14:27 talks about the peace that surpasses understanding. I believe that if I hadn’t come to know that peace I would probably have died from a heart attack or stroke by now.

I used to be a person that you could call high-strung. I had a hair-trigger temper and said the first thing that came to my mind, without considering the repercussions. When I got upset with people I would blow up with the force of dynamite and walk away. Once I got things off of my chest I was over it. I couldn’t understand why the person at the other end of my tirade stayed upset for so long. I was selfish and inconsiderate and I really didn’t know it. I thought I was self-sacrificing, generous and kind. And I was all of those things, at times. However, the smallest disturbance sent me over the edge, and the world pretty much revolved around me. As my mentor Joyce Meyer says, “If you live life on the edge, you are bound to get knocked off.”

I’m happy to say that I’ve grown up a lot spiritually. I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. That’s another Joycism. I stopped to visit with a spiritual sister in my hour of crisis. I told her that ten years ago I would have gone over the edge if I had a day like the one I was having. It lifted my spirits to think about how far I’ve come. This journey I’m on with the Lord is wonderful. It’s not trouble-free. John 16:33 tells us that in this life we will have trials and sorrows. But Jesus also tells us to cheer up, because He has overcome the world. It’s such a relief to know that I can give my problems to God and let Him work them out for me. Trying to run my own life and take care of all of my problems as well as everyone else’s was exhausting. I still wrestle with the tendency to rescue those that I care about. God told me very clearly on many occasions, “You can’t fix people. Only I can fix people. They only need to ask. Isn’t that where we got started, Charisse?”

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