My plans and God’s don’t always match.

This plan of mine is not what you would work out, neither are my thoughts the same as yours. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than yours, and my thoughts than yours. Isaiah 55:8 became true for me yesterday.

I was so sure that I was not going to need surgery for my broken ankle. I believed with all of my heart that I wouldn’t and hadn’t even left room in my mind for the possibility that I was wrong. I had my knee scooter sent to the house because I was sure I was headed there to rehabilitate. I found out that was never an option. The doctor’s office knew when they made me the appointment that we would be scheduling surgery.

The very handsome Doctor Aaron Osborn had no sooner introduced himself than he told me that I would need surgery. I was so taken back by it. “Don’t you want to take another look at my ankle or take another x-ray,” I asked. “I’m doing really good. I only took one pain pill yesterday and look how good I can move my toes,” I said, wiggling them with fervor. He assured me that despite that great news, I still needed surgery. “Your ankle is very unstable,” he informed me. I asked if I could see the x-rays. He brought them into the exam room and showed me where my bones were supposed to be, compared to where they were. I undoubtedly needed surgery.

He had his delightful nurse open up the wrapping on my leg so that he could see how the swelling was doing. Apparently, they didn’t wait a week for my appointment to see if I’d healed well enough to skip surgery. They wait a week to see how much of the swelling has gone down so that they know how soon they can schedule surgery. Because I’d been so diligent with icing my ankle, as well as all of the healing prayers, he was able to schedule to my surgery for this coming Tuesday.

When I found out that I did indeed need surgery I was in a quandary about whether to do it in Redding or go home to have it done. I’d hoped to heal there instead of in the motorhome on our property. While the nurse was cutting open my bandages she made my decision easy. She told me that Dr. Osborn was the best darn orthopedic there was and that ankles were his specialty. She didn’t say it like she was just bragging on the doctor that she worked for. She said it with such conviction that I knew I needed to have him perform the operation. Did I mention that he was a very nice looking? A little extra bonus.

He explained the procedure to me and I’m grateful that my good friend Linda Frisbee was there to ask questions. She’s a very nurturing woman and has been helping us since I had the accident. She drove me home from the hospital last Friday so I wouldn’t have to bump around in Tommy’s truck. As my ride to the doctor’s office, she was also my secretary and trusted assistant. She got a large envelope for all of paperwork and receipts. She carried my fanny pack and my bottle of water, opened doors, moved chairs for me to rest my leg on, and was generally a godsend.

The doc told me that I would need a plate and some pins inserted into my ankle. “Tell me I won’t need more than nine pins please,” I said. “I wouldn’t want to outdo my husband. Tommy has all of the hardware in his ankle to this day. Dr. Osborn told me that it would be very close. Ugh!! Another shock I was unprepared for. When Linda asked how long the surgery would take he told us about forty-five minutes. I couldn’t believe it. The nurse poked her head in the door and said, “I told you he was good.”

The healing process, post surgery, made me feel a lot better when explained. They will have me in a boot in no time and my ankle will be good as new eventually. Better than new I guess because it will be bionic.

The moral of the story is that my plans aren’t always God’s plans. This isn’t the first time that I would have practically bet my life on something, only to find out that I was wrong. I don’t know God’s plan in all of this but I know that I trust Him. His ways have always proven to be better than my ways. Keep me in your prayers next Tuesday, please. Pray that the talented, and attractive doctor has steady hands and that the healing process is speedy. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

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