You didn't land here by accident...

I don’t believe in coincidence. I trust in God-incidence.
Whether you feel like you are just getting by or hanging on by a thread you are in the right place.

Whether you were emotionally, physically, or spiritually abused, the wounds of the past are keeping you from experiencing the joyful and peaceful life that you deserve. Your past hurts are like an anchor hanging around your neck, dragging you down. I’ve been there and, I can help.

A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Charisse Tyson. My friends call me Cat. Have you ever been through an event so traumatic that you didn’t think you would survive it? I have. In January of 2002, my husband shattered my world when he asked for a divorce. I didn’t see it coming, though I should have, and it decimated my world.

The good that came out of that terrible situation continues to amaze me. I turned to God in desperation, and He was waiting for me with open arms. He saved my marriage and, very likely, my husband’s life.

Working with Charisse has been a positive experience. She helped me through a very dark time, and I’m not sure how I would have gotten through it without her. I was utterly stuck but with her, advice and encouragement have been able to move forward in a positive way. She provided me with many resources to grow spiritually. She is easy to talk to, non-judgmental and caring. I’m sure that Cat will remain a part of my life as I continue to grow spiritually and emotionally. I’d recommend her as a coach to anyone who wants to improve their life.

Gina Corrales

Let her story bring you hope.

When Charrise’s alcoholic husband requested a divorce in January of 2002, it sent her into a tailspin of despair that led her back to her Christian roots and into the arms of her loving savior, Jesus. On a tear-filled drive home from an Al-anon meeting, God spoke into her heart in an audible voice, “If you leave Tommy to me, I will save his life and your marriage.”

God was true to His word things didn’t change overnight as Cat had hoped. The road to restoration was full of challenges but with God all things are possible.

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Charisse was amazed when people at Johnny’s Bar told her how much reading the scriptures she posted on her Facebook page meant to them. She was surprised and pleased. As it happened more and more often she decided to start her Facebook group, Love Notes from the Lord.

It now has almost 800 members. Being able to bring hope and joy to the hurting through her posts has been amazing. You are welcome to join us there. If you’d like some inspiration delivered through email once a week, please click the button below.

Latest Blog Posts

I’m living proof that if you wander off of God’s path, He always welcomes you back. If you have been beating yourself up over unwise choices you’ve made, you are in the right place. The goal of my blog is to enlighten, encourage, and build you up using the word of God and my life experiences. We are all in this together. We are not meant to do it alone. Come on in and stay awhile.

A Little Too close For Comfort

A Little Too close For Comfort

With fires raging all over California, living in a forest is a bit scary. When a blaze started only a couple of miles away from our house two days ago, it was way too close for comfort for Tommy and me. We have owned our Shingletown, California property for over seven years but...

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Gratefulness Abounds

Gratefulness Abounds

Thirty years ago, when our relationship was just budding, I told Tommy when we retired, it would be great to see the country in a motorhome. I believe it was a desire God placed in my heart. He knew that it would one day become a reality. He saw all of the difficulties that we...

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Cat’s Commentaries

Cat’s Commentaries

We are living in unprecedented times. Hostility and upheaval are the words of the day. Sadly, some of you want to blame it all on our president. I'm thrilled to be living in a more conservative part of California now. I can't begin to imagine what it would have been like for me...

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