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Does the bottle come first in your relationship?

  • Are you married to or dating an alcoholic or drug addict?
  • Are you struggling to help, but all it does is lead to fights?
  • Are you agonizing whether you should hang on or leave?


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As Christian Freedom Coach I specialize in codependency. I help people who are struggling to break free from enabling behaviors.

Let me ask you something. Do you have a false sense of responsibility that keeps you from enjoying your life if everything isn’t going the way you think it should? Are you doing for others what they should be doing for themselves? Are you so entangled in someone else’s problems that you can’t enjoy your own life? Maybe it’s impossible for you to be happy if your spouse isn’t. If you said yes to any of these things you may very well be codependent.

Think about it. How awesome would it be to say no without experiencing guilt?

Imagine how it would feel to cast your cares on God and enjoy your life even in the midst of turmoil? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience the peace that surpasses understanding? I am enjoying that life today and I’d like to help you do it too. Let’s chat.

Book a free 30-minute strategy session with me today and let’s see if I can be of help to you.