Everything is a miracleI’ve been making a serious effort to pay attention to God’s small miracles and blessings in my life. I wanted to share a couple of them from my latest vacation. They aren’t earth shattering or huge miracles but they spoke volumes about God’s love for me. I truly believe that if we honor God in the little things as well as the big ones, He will bless us in little ways as well as monumental ones. I see my husband’s sobriety and the renewal of our marriage as a HUGE miracle. The smaller ones are no less significant, though. God speaks to us by many means. Blessing me in ways that I know can only be from Him is one of my favorite methods.

July 2016 vacation, small miracle number one went this way. We were headed to Bend, Oregon, to visit with a longtime friend that I hadn’t seen in years. She told me about a couple of RV parks in her area stating that, although they were both nice, the one in Sisters, Oregon, twenty five minutes from her house, was the best one. I called the Bend Sisters Garden RV Park. They didn’t have any spaces available for the first night that we were going to be in the area, but they could get us in on July 24th which was our anniversary. We took the one night and they said if a spot opened up for 25th we could stay for two.

While we were in Chiloquin, Oregon, visiting my husband’s daughter and son in law I invested time on the internet searching for a place to park our RV on the 23rd. We only had intermittent cell phone reception on his daughter’s property so everything was handled via email. I received an email from the other park that my friend mentioned, and they said they had a spot with only dry camping available on the 23rd. They added that they had availability with full hook-ups on the 24th. I emailed them and told them that we would take the dry camp spot on the 23rd , but that we already had a reservation for the 24th. I told them that I would call them when we got where I could get cell reception.

In Chiloquin with Jean and Brent on their beautiful property.

In Chiloquin with Jean and Brent on their beautiful property.

I’d checked out the RV Park online and it was basically a cement slab on which to park the trailer. And it was more expensive than the beautiful Bend Sisters Garden RV Park. We were about an hour outside of Bend when I called the park and was informed that unless we stayed in the pricey, crappy site for two nights at the high cost, they had no space available for dry camping on the 23rd. “That is not what your email said,” I quipped. “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding ma ’am but that is our policy,” was the receptionist’s response. Since I had proof via email that the policy wasn’t explained and I knew that they did indeed have a space available for dry camping, I was hot. It enrages me when people don’t do something small to improve customer relations just because of policy. My policy as a business owner is to try to make the customer happy at all costs. I don’t always succeed, but I certainly wouldn’t let a silly policy keep me from doing so. At any rate, now we were about forty minutes from Bend with nowhere to park our fifth wheel for the night. I figured if worse came to worst we could park in a Walmart parking lot. Walmart parking lotDid you know that Walmart allows overnight RV parking in most of their parking lots? You can’t leave the vehicle but at least you have a place to park, eat, and sleep.

I got a hold of my friend in Bend and asked if there was a restaurant parking lot that she knew of where we could park and get lunch while we figured out what we going to do. We’d driven right by the Walmart, and as it turns out pulling in there may have been a good idea.

Explaining to someone who isn’t familiar with trailers or how they maneuver that you need a place to park a forty foot fifth wheel can be fruitless. I’ll just say that we wound up in a shopping mall that had a celebration of some kind going and it was insanity. How my husband got us in and out of there blows my mind. But here’s where the miracle comes in. While we were trying to find the mall that supposedly had an area where we could park, my brother texted me. He said the Holy Spirit prompted him to check and see how we were doing. I texted him back and told him that we were wandering around Bend, Oregon, trying to find a place to park our trailer. He told me that his half-brother Harold lives there. I called my brother immediately, explained our predicament, and asked if he thought Harold would have a place for us to park the trailer. My brother, John, called Harold and Harold called me. Lo and behold, he had an acre of property. He is a trucker and said we could park next to his cattle hauling trailer.

I hadn’t seen or talked to Harold in over thirty years. He wasn’t even home because he was on the road doing his trucking job. He called his lovely wife who was having quite a stressful day herself and she graciously said we were more than welcome. Harold’s house was ten minutes from the dreaded shopping mall and my friend’s house was five minutes from Harold’s house.

Us with Harold and Sue Lynn. He came home for a bit just before we left.

Us with Harold and Sue Lynn. He came home                                for a bit just before we left.



The miracle of God’s timing and provision was not wasted on my husband or me. Tommy was so stressed from being lost in Bend, because Siri gives lousy directions, and then winding up in a packed shopping mall with forty feet of trailer behind him that I thought he may blow a blood vessel. At the very least I was sure he was thinking about his ex-mistress Jack Daniels, which caused me enormous amounts of stress.

To make a long story short, we very easily parked the trailer on Harold’s property. I did my job which is to level the trailer. I open the door on the side of the trailer, push the on button, and hit auto-level. Rough job but someone’s got to do it.

The view from one our windows was actually very nice. The cattle trailer was on the opposite side.

The view from one our windows was actually very nice. The cattle trailer was on the opposite side.

Once the trailer was situated I packed a small ice chest with some much needed Tecate Lights, lemons and my sea salt. Tommy never asked me to stop drinking because he couldn’t. In fact, in times like these I think he may enjoy it vicariously through me. We joined Lys and Tom at their beautiful home, had some snacks and unwound. We visited for quite a while in their tranquil yard and the stresses of the day melted away.

We rode bicycles to a Mexican restaurant close by and had a fabulous dinner. The La Rosa had fantastic food, tasty margaritas, and great service. We will definitely go there again when we wind up in Bend.

Bikes parked at La Rosa with Tom. Lys took the picture.

Bikes parked at La Rosa with Tom. Lys took the picture.

La Rosa in Bend

The bicycle ride was invigorating. You see, Tommy and I hadn’t been on a bicycle in about twenty three years. Not since his infamous drunken crash on the way to our neighbors house one court away from ours. I’m so glad he doesn’t drink anymore. His guardian angel is probably pretty thrilled too. Keeping an eye on him when he was hitting the bottle so hard was surely a big enough job for two or three angels.

Which brings me to the point of my story. God is so good. If you keep your eyes open for them, you will see that He does lots of little things that benefit those He loves. From the great parking spot that opens up just for you so you don’t have to walk a block, to your great hair day, God is the orchestrator. I don’t believe in coincidence or happenstance. I believe in miracles big and small.

It took so long to share one miracle that I’ll save the other one for my next post. Keep your eyes open for it, and keep your eyes open for your own little miracles and blessings. If you’d like to hear more about the miracle of my husbands sobriety you can read my book, Born Again in a Biker Bar or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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