Blessed with sandwiches

Blessed with sandwiches

I hope you enjoyed my previous story about the little miracle that God performed for us on our latest vacation. I promised to share a couple of blessings, so here is the tale of the sandwich miracle.

When I pack our trailer for road trips I try to be as thorough as possible. Despite going on a ten day excursion, I only planned on cooking a few dinners. Most of our trip was arranged around visits with friends and relatives. With all of the traveling, I figured sandwiches would be our mainstay. When I shopped I bought plenty of cheese and lunch meat. I was sure to pack bread, mayonnaise, mustard, and pickles. Everything I would need to make tasty sandwiches. We were in Red Bluff at Tommy’s daughter’s house when I realized I’d packed everything except the lunch meat and cheese!

I’ve got an A-type personality and pride myself on getting things right. An error of this magnitude was something I would beat myself up about repeatedly. I wish I were one of those people who could cut myself some slack and say, “Oh well, you missed it,” and go to the store and buy more lunch meat and cheese. Oh, but that’s not how I’m wired. I was real angry with myself because at home was a drawer in my refrigerator loaded with cheese and lunch meat.

The real need for a sandwich did not reveal itself until our fourth day of the trip. On July 24, which happened to be our anniversary, we checked into the Bend Sisters Garden RV Park. We’d been driving for quite a while, had eaten breakfast early, and we were starved. After getting the trailer set up and visiting a bit with our neighbors next door I set out to fix us lunch. trailer at sistersI ranted at myself for a bit over the lack of sandwich materials and then it dawned on me that I had plenty of eggs. Deciding to make egg salad sandwiches, I put a pot of water on the stove to boil. No sooner had I done it and there was a knock at our trailer door. My husband and I looked at each other as if to say, “Who the heck can that be?” Tommy opened the door and there stood our next door neighbor. In his hands was an entire tray of sandwiches on small French rolls. “I hope you don’t think this is weird,” he said. “We had a wedding yesterday and we’ve got more sandwiches that we know what to do with. You can eat what you like and then throw away the bread if you want and keep the meat and cheese. We have so much and I hate to see them go to waste.” I thanked him repeatedly as he handed me the large round tray with about ten small sandwiches on it. He headed back to his trailer I and stood staring at the sandwiches with my mouth open. I turned off the pot of water which was boiling away by now.


Non-believers would say that was just a coincidence. I know better, it was a Godincidence. Of all of the sites in the park, He chose to have us placed right next to a group of great people with an overabundance of sandwiches. We ate a few right away, saved some for the next day, and I pulled the meat and cheese out of the rest which took care of us for the rest of our trip. Good news, I stopped beating myself up about leaving the sandwich supplies at home.

Sometimes I am more blown away by the small miracles that God performs for me than the big ones. I guess it’s because I find it hard to believe that a God so big, with so much on His plate takes the time to bless us in these little ways. We serve such a wonderful loving God.

Sisters Bend RV

We totally enjoyed our stay at the park. If you ever make it to Central Oregon, you should check out the Bend Sisters RV Park. It is beautiful, reasonably priced and has lots of amenities. Tommy and I enjoyed the miniature golf course and walks around the lake. If we’d stayed more than one night I’m sure I would have enjoyed the pool and the hot tub too.tommy mini golf

After stopping in at three different places searching for a romantic anniversary dinner, we found a restaurant called Latigo. We had a fabulous dinner followed by a complimentary crème bole. I have to say it was the best crème bole I’ve ever eaten. To sum it up our anniversary in Sisters, Oregon was a very memorable one. I’m glad we decided to venture up that way.
creme bole
We’ll have to plan a longer stay the next time because there is so much to do in the area. Activities nearby include, whitewater river rafting, fishing, rock climbing, horseback riding, golf and water sports. You can check out water falls, the Cougar Hot Springs, McKenzie Lava Flow and more. Holy cow we missed out on a lot. If you get the opportunity be sure to visit Sisters, Oregon.

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