redwood trees

Have you ever looked at a daunting project and put off dealing with it for so long that it became overwhelming? You’ve gazed at it time and time again and said to yourself, “I really need to address that someday.” I had that experience with the redwood trees surrounding our pool.

Eleven years ago God blessed us with a magnificent home on about three quarters of an acre. Actually, the home wasn’t that great, but the property it sat on and its potential were phenomenal. The first thing we did was add a koi pond. The great folks we traded houses with, (that’s a whole story in itself) allowed us to keep our fish at our old house while we built the pond at our new home. So the front yard took precedence over any work on the house. We didn’t begin the remodeling projects for another couple of years. The entire time those redwoods begged for attention which they did not get. In our defense, the limbs that hung way too close to the ground seemed to give us more privacy. All those branches, dead and alive, blocked the view of our own fences.

We pulled off a wonderful remodel; my newly sober husband doing much of the work, which in itself is nothing short of miraculous. I love our renovated kitchen, living room, and master bathroom, as well as our sunroom addition. I feel blessed beyond belief. However, as I lay beside my pool thanking God for our wonderful home those trees kept saying, Hey, what about us?”

Last Tuesday I decided to do something about the neglected trees. The heck with privacy, they were a fire hazard. My grandson asked if he could help me in the yard to earn some money and it was just the incentive I needed. I picked him up after working at my bar for four hours and we headed home to embark on a HUGE project. It was bigger than I could have ever imagined.

With my grandson’s help we filled up our dump trailer twice. The thermometer was topping ninety and it took four hours to trim two trees and clear the redwood droppings from underneath them. Man, were we in trouble. I didn’t even know that fourteen trees surrounded our pool. My grandson didn’t show up on Wednesday but with my husband’s help seven more trees were trimmed, three loads went to the dump and one more was ready to go the next morning. I’m a maniac when I start on a project. I never want to stop until it is complete, which is sometimes just not feasible. As my husband headed off to church at 4:30 he told me I was crazy. I’d already been working in the yard for eight hours. I kept telling myself, “Just one more tree.” I began talking to myself as I sat down to rest on my lounge chair. I threatened myself saying, “If you touch one more tree I’m going to slap you.” Who does that? My husband was right. I was crazy.

The craziness went on for days with my husband joining in and I’m proud to say that the yard looks wonderful. I’m having a party this weekend and I can’t wait to share the fruits of our labor with friends. I’ve come to the conclusion that procrastination can just about kill you. Take my word for it, if you have a project that is begging for your attention don’t put it off. You may pay dearly for it later.

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