I received a review from Dave (aka Buffalo Roamer) who writes a newsletter for BorntoRoam.com and I just had to share it. It nearly brought me to tears. The greatest part of being a writer is being able to move people with your words. Dave is honoring me by highlighting my book in an upcoming article in the online magazine. To check out their website go to Borntoroam.com. and keep an eye out for my highlight. Thanks again Dave for the fabulous review.

Just finished your amazing book last night and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading it! WOW. I’m still trying to digest a lot of it! I can’t remember when I had such a hard time putting a book down! You are a VERY talented writer and my hats off to you, Tommy and Johnny’s! I loved how your book really moved me in all my emotions. There where times I was backing you and mad a Tommy, then pissed at you and backing Tommy and then feeling for both of you when things hit the fan at Johnny’s. Sometimes I was choked to tears and the next minute laughing out loud. WHAT A RIDE!!!! You write so well I felt at times I was a fly on the wall. Especially during the “Bar Nights” and “Parties”. Thanks again for a GREAT BOOK!

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