listen-to-me-you-can-pray-for-anything-and-if-you-believe-you-have-it-its-yoursHow many times have said how much you dread something? Did you know that just uttering those words could be adding to your problems? Our words affect our circumstances more than we realize. When you have a positive and hopeful outlook, the odds of things turning out well rise exponentially. In Mark 11:24 Jesus said to his disciples, “Listen to me! You can pray for anything, and if you believe you have it; it’s yours.”

I don’t know about you but I’m expecting 2017 to be the best year of my life. God has done so many wonderful things for me and I’m expecting Him to wow me even more next year. I know that the things I’m asking and hoping for have to line up with His will, of course. You can’t pray that catastrophe will befall your enemies and expect God to honor that.

Sometimes you can ask for something that you know is in line with His word and still not get it when you want it. Don’t give up. Be patient. I have found that God’s timing is perfect. He’s never early, and he’s never late.

For instance, when I was praying that Tommy would quit drinking, it made perfect sense that it was a good thing to ask for. I couldn’t count the times that I asked for this miracle. When I first began praying that prayer, it was about the only time I talked to God at all. I didn’t talk to Him regularly, and I never thanked Him for anything. I just screamed a lot of “Help me Jesus” wants. The “thank you Jesus” confessions were few and far between. Now I talk to Him every day and quite often. I thank Him for my good hair days as well as the challenging days that He has pulled me through. God is so good.

I want to challenge you to give thankfulness and great expectations a try in 2017. Tell God what you’d like to have, in His timing, and believe that you will get it. Put your life in His very capable hands and enjoy the ride. Tommy and I are living proof that miracles happen. If you’d like someone to walk along side of you in this journey called life, I’m here to help. I can be your prayer partner, your encourager and your edifier. Sign up for your free 20-minute strategy session and let’s talk.

Happy New Year and God bless, Cat

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