How could you not love that face?

How could you not love that face?

I am absolutely astounded by how much support and comfort I have received since the disappearance of my cat Peaches. Many people on Facebook have shared stories of their lost animals returning home after weeks, months and even years. Comfort came in a very special way today that only be from God.

A wonderful friend that I work out with at our local YMCA made my day. April told me that she had been thinking about me and praying for the safe return of my cat. She was in Save Mart looking at cards, searching for the perfect card for her mother-in-law’s birthday. She came across a card with a very cute cat on it and I came to mind. She said that the card was so adorable that she just had to share it with the lady standing next to her. Then she told her that a friend was missing her cat and was pretty distraught. The perfect stranger told April that her own cat of ten years disappeared one day and after a full year’s absence she just showed back up at home. She said to April, “You be sure and tell your friend not to lose hope and to tell her my story.” You may call it a coincidence but I say, that’s God. What are the odds of this encounter happening by chance? April was very sure that God put her in the right place, at the right time, so that she could lift my spirits and give me hope. I am confident that she is right.

The saying, “The Lord works in mysterious ways,” has been the theme of my life. He never stops amazing me. I’ve been so blessed lately that I felt like I was waiting for a shoe to drop. It had to be Satan telling me that things just can’t go this well, for this long, without the bottom falling out. It was a thought he kept slipping into my subconscious. Then my baby girl disappeared and I was easily deceived into believing that she had to be dead. That ugly little voice said, “See, I told you so.” And I let him suck me in for two gut-wrenching days. Now I’m saying, “Get behind me Satan. You are a lair.” I know my Peaches is out there somewhere. She was mad because her mama left town and she wants to teach me a lesson. She will learn that she is now an indoor cat when she returns. I wouldn’t risk going through this hell again for anything.

I told you that you aren't supposed to leave me mom.

I told you that you aren’t supposed to leave me mom.

So thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers. Keep them coming please, until Peaches is safe at home with me. I’m not crying anymore but my heart still aches from missing her.

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