How does a cussing, drinking, bar owner become a Bible thumping soldier in God’s army? Through many miracles, a lot of grace, and lots of prayer.

Hi, I’m Charisse Tyson. My friends call me Cat. Have you ever been through an event so traumatic that you didn’t think you would survive it? I have. In January of 2002, my husband shattered my world when he asked for a divorce. I didn’t see it coming, though I should have, and it decimated my world.

The good that came out of that terrible situation continues to amaze me. I turned to God in desperation, and He was waiting for me with open arms. He saved my marriage and, very likely, my husband’s life. You see, Tommy was drinking himself into oblivion while I worked like a dog to hold our lives together. Did I mention that I bought a bar, knowing full well that my husband was an alcoholic? I tell the incredible story of God’s redemptive power in my memoir, Born Again, in a Biker Bar. I hope you’ll check it out.

What I learned from that situation would fill many books. Now I have the time to write them. After over 22 years of ownership, I sold Johnny’s Bar & Grill in Hollister, CA, in April of 2018. Tommy and I have enjoyed two cross-country trips in our motorhome since then and moved to Shingletown in Northern California. God has blessed our lives and endeavors in amazing ways. My heart’s desire is to help others experience Christ’s redemptive powers to change their lives too.

With God’s help, we can all be over-comers. Have you been led to believe that your past sins will always dictate your future? It is a lie from Satan. Through Christ’s death on the cross, He made it possible for us all to be redeemed. He did it for me, and He will do it for you. Helping others to revel in that knowledge is the purpose of my blog. I hope to encourage and uplift you through God’s word and some pretty amazing life experiences.

Welcome to a community for thrivers. Whether you know Jesus and want to experience a more intimate relationship with Him or you’d like to open your heart to have one, I’m here to enlighten, encourage, and pray for you. I don’t have any degrees. I’m just a Christian woman that loves Jesus and knows what an incredible difference he can make in your life. I want you to know Him the way I do. I want you to experience His peace that surpasses understanding. It’s a crazy world we’re living in. Without God, I would have lost my mind by now. How are you holding up? Can I help you in any way? Shoot me an email or sign up for my blog updates. I promise not to send you spam. I try to post a couple times a month. My goal is to brighten your day.

Same story different title

Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place, Memoir of a Christian Woman Biker Bar Owner, was my memoir’s original title. It was a bit long, and I’d found that the cover I believed to be fabulous was off-putting to some people. When I attempted to sell my book at the famed motorcycle rallies at Johnny’s, Christians didn’t like the cocktail next to the Bible, and non-believers didn’t buy my book because of the Bible on it. I changed the title and the cover in hopes of inspiring more sales. I’d like to know which one you all like the best. I offer them both on Amazon.

Which book title and cover appeals more to you?

Thank you for offering Charisse your opinion, it is appreciated.