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Born Again in a Biker received the Bronze Medal in the 2015 Living Now Books Awards in the Inspirational Memoir category. Living Now recognizes the year’s best books for better living. If you are in a codependent relationship, help, and healing is available in the pages of this book.


BORN AGAIN I A BIKER BAR depicts the story of a raging codependent and her alcoholic husband. 

It is centered in famous Johnny’s Bar & Grill in Hollister, California. Johnny’s is the bar depicted in the 1953 movie The Wild One featuring Marlon Brando.

When Charisse purchased Johnny’s in January of 1996, she had no idea of its fame or place in history. She did however know that her husband was an alcoholic. Within a few months of the purchase, Tommy quit his well-paying job and took his drinking to a whole new level. The deterioration of his health and their marriage was the result.

On the brink of divorce, Charisse found herself at an Al-Anon meeting. Standing in a room surrounded by her peers, she had no idea the transformation she was about to experience.

When I started this book, I read the whole thing through. It was an excellent story and an interesting story that I couldn’t put down. I saw so much of myself and my daughter in this book as far as personality-wise. Wow! It really hit home. I’m going to read it again just because I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything. What a testimony of this woman and her husband. I have a great admiration for what they’ve overcome with the Lord, Our Savior.

~ Madeleine Edwards

The BEST is yet to come! Pure life sharing from these two wonderful people. Yes, their lives are flawed, but so are mine. Charisse is real and fun and inviting – I want to ‘come clean’ about my struggles in life not as an expose, but as time-tested proof that redemption comes to those who desire change and growth. God is good, all the time. I hope you buy this book and share it generously with real friends who need to see that the BEST is yet to come. The journey is filled with excitement and boredom and the destination is out of this world.

~ EscoEM

Enjoyed reading and learning from this book. Written by a woman who was forthright about her codependent actions, how they affected her life and those around her. I commend her for her courage to look within and trust in God. An additional bonus, I learned about the history of Johnny’s Bar and The Hollister Rally.

~ Meg J

Same story different title

Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place, Memoir of a Christian Woman Biker Bar Owner, was my memoir’s original title. It was a bit long, and I’d found that the cover I believed to be fabulous was off-putting to some people. When I attempted to sell my book at the famed motorcycle rallies at Johnny’s, Christians didn’t like the cocktail next to the Bible, and non-believers didn’t buy my book because of the Bible on it. I changed the title and the cover in hopes of inspiring more sales. I’d like to know which one you all like the best. I offer them both on Amazon.

Which book title and cover appeals more to you?

Thank you for offering Charisse your opinion, it is appreciated.

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