Hi, I’m Cat.  I’m living proof that if you wander off of God’s path, He always welcomes you back. If you have been beating yourself up over unwise choices you’ve made, you are in the right place. The goal of my blog is to enlighten, encourage, and build you up using the word of God and my life experiences. We are all in this together. We are not meant to do it alone. Come on in and stay awhile.

A little bit about me

I am currently in a fabulous place in my life, but it wasn’t always that way. I grew up in a dysfunctional home, got pregnant when I was sixteen, and raised my son, Allen, alone until my husband entered our lives when I was almost thirty. Tommy was the first decent man I’d ever had a relationship with. I was drawn to womanizing liars. Hence, the low self-esteem issue. Tommy was not a womanizer, and he loved me dearly, but he had a problem with alcohol. It almost killed him and our marriage, but God intervened. My memoir, Born Again in a Biker Bar, tells the complete story.

Do you believe that God is the only reason that you are still alive and sane? Have you struggled with low self-worth, control issues, perfectionism, and people-pleasing? Welcome to my world friend. We are kindred spirits. Without God, I would surely be divorced and very possibly, an alcoholic.

I knew my husband was an alcoholic when I purchased Johnny’s Bar & Grill, a famous biker bar in Hollister, California, in 1996. Workaholics like me, who derive their worth and value from their do, and not their who, make fabulous business owners. Life partners, not so much. I lived and breathed the bar business, and it was more important to me than my family and God. I invited Christ back into my life and heart in January of 2002, and He changed everything. The ways God has blessed me and my marriage are too numerous to count. I’ll share a bit of my story. If you are struggling with your faith, you will find hope here.

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