The Faith of our Nation

The Faith of our Nation


Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it! John 14:14, the Living Bible.

I’m holding on to these words from Jesus with a vice grip these days. I understand that anything I ask God for needs to be biblically based. I can’t ask God to wipe Nancy Pelosi and our evil dictator of California, Gavin Newsom, off of the face of the planet and expect that it will be done for me. I haven’t been able to keep those desires from popping up in my head, but that’s no surprise to God. What I can do is follow them up with a prayer from Psalm 19:14: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.

I believe that the need for Christians’ to get involved in the political process has never been more vital. It is apathy on the church’s part that has led us down the road where we find ourselves. It’s a scary route we face. Never in the history of our beautiful nation have our religious liberties been more under attack. The Democrats have made it plain where they stand on the issue of God. They removed, “So help me God,” from their oaths and took God’s name out of their pledge of allegiance to our flag, which they don’t seem to give a rip about anymore. All of this happened under our noses while way too many Christians stayed silent.

If one more person tries to tell me that Christianity and politics should not be intermingled in a conversation, I’m going to scream! If we aren’t voting based on our religious convictions, we shouldn’t be voting. Sadly, it’s the path that many Christians have taken, and it is the reason that so many ungodly people hold powerful positions. A 2014 survey reported that 70.6 % of American’s identified themselves as Christians. How is it possible that with such a staggering statistic, we have such a morally corrupt government?

In Pew Research Center telephone surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019, 65% of American adults describe themselves as Christians when asked about their religion. That’s a significant decline in a short amount of time. Our nation’s moral fiber is being eroded at an astonishing rate, and as Christians, it’s time that we stepped up and put a stop to this trend. It’s not okay to stand back, wring your hands, and say that it must be God’s will. If God weren’t interested in us doing our parts, He wouldn’t have told us what He did in 2 Chronicles 7:14 – Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

Our land needs healing, folks! We need to stop sitting on our hands and put them in a posture of prayer. We need to turn from our wicked ways. We need to stop being so self-absorbed that we don’t see or do anything about others’ plight. And, YES, we need to participate in the political process to see that the people who represent us exemplify our moral beliefs. They shouldn’t support the killing of helpless unborn babies. They should believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. They shouldn’t turn their heads to the violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, stating that they have a just cause. And they darn well shouldn’t be advocates for removing “One Nation Under God” from our pledge of allegiance, “In God We Trust” from our money, and “So Help Me God” from our oaths.

If you don’t take a stand for what is right, you advocate for what is wrong. As Christians, we cannot and should not do that. I’m believing for the return of Godly people to our government offices in huge numbers. I’m praying in Jesus’ name and believing for a miracle, which is what it will take to make that happen. Christians need to make their way to the polls in unprecedented numbers. We need a landslide, or the cheating Democrats will do everything in their power to see that our votes don’t matter. If they claim that there are too many mail-in ballots that haven’t been counted yet, they can drag out their loss and wreak havoc on this country for months.

Let’s face it, people, it is going to get ugly before this election is over. Even when it is, we will have to fight the deposed leaders who will kick and scream and advocate violence. The media is going to lose its mind. I remember their shock and dismay in 2016 when we elected President Trump. And, all of the rich and famous people that have been pouring money into the Harris/Biden camp will continue to use their billions in an attempt to expunge the will of the American people.

I believe that the disgusting behavior we are seeing from the far-left won’t hold a candle to the savagery that will ensue. That shouldn’t keep Christians from doing what is right. We will need to stand together loud and proud and possibly armed. Please don’t stand on the sidelines and let evil triumph over good. Please don’t let the Far-left politicians with their socialist agendas destroy America. I’m pleading with every Christian to pray, vote, and stand for what is right. I have to believe that you will. I refuse to believe that you won’t. God is preparing to make the most significant move for righteousness that His people have ever witnessed. Yes, ask for anything using my name, and I will do it. John 14:14.

I’m asking folks, and I hope you are too. God bless our president, and God bless America!

You Call That a Debate?

You Call That a Debate?

I was expecting to be entertained by last night’s debate, but I could not have prepared myself for the bedlam that ensued. I believe that Chris Wallace deserves much of the blame for the lunacy that took place. I maintain that President Trump was the victor, but it was not an idyllic triumph, by any means. To his credit, it did appear that he was in a debate with Wallace and Biden. The definition of a mediator, one that mediates, especially one that reconciles differences between disputants, does not describe what Wallace was last night. The bias on the part of Chris was unmistakable, and he should be ashamed.

Biden on Obama Care was infuriating. The fact that he touts it as a great program that our president is destroying is laughable. The president’s America First Health Care Plan that he unveiled last week promises to cover pre-existing conditions, be cheaper than Obama Care, expand health care choices, and lower health care costs for seniors and families. Wallace wanted to camp on the fact that it took over three years for the Trump administration to finish building it and that it hasn’t been implemented this late in his first term. The time it took to put the package together apprises me that it will blow the doors off of Obama’s jumbled and mandated program, which he shoved down American’s throats. The failed Affordable Care Act and its 840-million-dollar website should not be seen as a feather in Biden’s cap, but one more reason not to vote for Sleepy Joe. I am grateful that one of our president’s first accomplishments was killing the mandate that forced people to pay fines for not purchasing medical insurance that they could not afford. It is just one of his many achievements, and I can only imagine what he will accomplish in his next term when he has a Republican House and Senate backing him up.

I believe that Biden was on medication to keep his eyes open. He refused to take a drug test despite Trump volunteering to do so. The many times he called my president a clown and the stupid smirk he wore almost cost me an excellent television. It was all I could do not to hurl something large and heavy at it. The lies that spewed from Biden’s mouth were maddening. Did he actually say that Antifa is not an organization? I might have thought it was fake news saying such a thing if I hadn’t heard it come out of his mouth.

I could go on and on, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Do I wish that Trump could have remained calm and less combative during the debate? Of course, I do. However, since Biden got under my skin and almost cost me a 63-inch Sony, I can’t slight my president. I might have walked over and punched Sleepy Joe in the nose. Overall, I think it took great restraint from a president that has been vilified and attacked by the media and the Democrat’s well before he stepped into the Oval Office not to go completely off the rails.

I don’t know if the so-called debate will change anyone’s minds about who they are voting for. Trump fans like me tuned in to see our president wipe up the floor with Sleepy Joe, and Biden fans watched in hopes that he wouldn’t make too big of a fool of himself, as he has just about every time he opens his mouth. If there is another debate, there needs to be a REAL moderator called in. I don’t know of anyone in the media that we could count on to do the job. Maybe they can find someone who will ask the critical questions and address things like abortion, terrorism, the Second Amendment, and the stripping of the religious freedoms afforded to us by the First Amendment.

I’m going to continue to pray for President Trump’s re-election, and a giant Red Wave like this country has never seen. God bless our president, and God bless America.

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Can You Laugh at Yourself?

Can You Laugh at Yourself?

Laughter is good medicine. I think we could all use a little more of it right now. Can you laugh at yourself? Is there a self-deprecating story that you can share to give us all a chuckle? When I think about the embarrassing things that have happened to me, the first thing that comes to mind is the light post in Cayucos with my name on it. Tommy and I had taken a road trip along the coast and stopped in the little beach town for some lunch. We had enjoyed a beverage, maybe two, at the Old Cayucos Tavern. It is a historic place built in 1906, and if you visit Cayucos, it’s a must-see. However, they don’t serve food. We ventured across the street to a quaint-looking little restaurant. I don’t know what I was looking at behind me, but when I turned around, I ran smack-dab into a light post. It wasn’t one of those cute little numbers that are only three inches around and have adorable lanterns hanging from them. It was a full-fledged foot wide metal job. When I swung my head around, I smacked my forehead against it at full-force. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the pole reverberated. This particular pole was situated right across from the restaurant’s HUGE picture window. I was sure that everyone in the building heard the thump of my head on that pole and was now looking at me. Before Tommy could get the words out, “Are you okay?” I told him to just keep walking. I didn’t want to stop and draw any more attention to myself than I already had. To say that I was mortified would be an understatement. I can’t remember if we ate at the restaurant with the picture window or if I made Tommy take me somewhere else. I do remember sitting across from my husband at the table, my head pounding, and actually feeling the lump developing between my eyes. The look on Tommy’s face was filled with worry. He was concerned about my health, but I could tell that he was trying very hard not to laugh. I started to picture what my “run in” must have looked like, and I wanted to laugh too. I told him that I was okay, but I was going to need some aspirin and I gave him the all-clear on a knee-slapping chuckle. I laughed along with him, despite the pounding going on behind my eyes. Then I reached up and felt the protuberance on my forehead. I immediately excused myself to go to the restroom and see how bad I looked. Let’s just say we had a hasty lunch with me keeping my head down and staring only at my food. The incident took place in 1998, but parts of it I remember like it was yesterday. For over 22 years, anytime we run into something, almost run into something, or see someone else do so, we both have a chuckle. We always ponder if the light post still has my faceprint on it. People are funny. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we will be miserable. If you have a story to share, please put it in the comments. We could all use a good laugh right about now.

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A Little Too close For Comfort

A Little Too close For Comfort

With fires raging all over California, living in a forest is a bit scary. When a blaze started only a couple of miles away from our house two days ago, it was way too close for comfort for Tommy and me. We have owned our Shingletown, California property for over seven years but only recently moved into our finished home on it. We have friends who have lived here for more than ten years, and they have been evacuated due to fire only once. That contributed to my sense of optimism about living in a wooded area and remaining safe from fires: that, and daily prayer.

Our friends, the Frisbee’s, are part of a fire watch team and are notified immediately about any local threats. When Dave called us on Tuesday afternoon, we assumed it was just to chat. Instead, he informed Tommy that there was a car fire on Shingletown Ridge Road and that five acres had already burned because of it. Our home is on Shingletown Ridge Road, so this was a bit disconcerting. I was working on my computer when Tommy jumped into the ATV to take a drive and see how far away the fire was and how bad it looked. If I’m honest, I wasn’t in a panic at all. I was typing away on my computer when Tommy came blowing through the door and said, “Pack a bag! We’re leaving!”

My calm demeanor went right out the window with that statement. My natural instinct was to ask my husband what he meant, which was a stupid question in retrospect. He’d gone down our road far enough to see lots of firetrucks when he stopped to talk to a man in a truck headed the other way. The man told him that the blaze was enormous. Tommy turned around and headed home. While Tommy was battening down the hatches outside, I wandered around the house in a bit of a stupor. Since the Frisbee’s hadn’t said that we should evacuate, I wondered if Tommy was overreacting.

I had thrown a couple of changes of clothes and some toiletries into a bag when Dave called again and told me that the fire had jumped to a hundred acres. Now I was in full-on freakout mode, chastising myself for not having a plan in place for this very occasion. I was frantically running around the house, trying to decide what to throw into my car when Dave called again and said that someone had shared information about the wrong fire. Our fire was at 15 acres, and they seemed to be getting a handle on it. Linda Frisbee called back shortly afterward and told me that an evacuation had been ordered and that we should come to their house, which is further up Highway 44. She said I could put our cat, Paddy, in her office and hang out with them until it was okay to return home.

Of all of the times to have the motorhome in for repairs and warranty work, this was very inconvenient. Paddy is very comfortable in the RV, and packing him and necessities up in the motorhome would have been much easier and less stressful. I threw our laptops and other items that I thought were important into the back of my car, and Tommy put some of his guns in his truck. He got Paddy into his carrier, which is something that he always leaves for me to do. This was serious!

I’m sure our poor cat was feeling our tension. Paddy screamed at the top of his lungs all the way to the Frisbee’s house. This made an already difficult situation even more distressing. Once I was situated in Linda’s office with Paddy and a much-needed cocktail, I started to calm down a little. Apparently, my emotions hadn’t told my face. Linda kept asking me if I was okay and assuring me that the first time something like this happens is the scariest. Damn skippy, it is.

Paddy calmed down and was busy checking out the new surroundings and enjoying some food that Linda provided. However, I insisted that I was more worried about him than anything else. She rolled her eyes a little when she told me that he was handling the situation much better than I was. I hate to admit that she was right.

I’m thrilled to tell you that Cal Fire and the Shingletown Volunteer Fire Department were fantastic. Within an hour of arriving at the Frisbee’s, we were informed by the Shingletown Emergency Defense Radio Service that Highway 44 and been reopened, and the evacuation notice had been lifted. I declined Linda’s kind offer to stay longer. I just wanted to be in my own house with my cat. Tommy stayed a little while and visited with Dave.

This scare brought to light the fact that we had no plan in place for evacuation. I’d been reading many posts on Facebook from people who were either in harm’s way and scared or evacuated. A friend who survived the Paradise fire but lost everything had posted an excellent readiness list, sharing from her own experience. And yet, I had done nothing. I was so sure that we are protected because of prayer that I failed to use wisdom. God promises his protection, but he also advises us to use sound judgment. Being prepared in case of an emergency is the wise thing to do. I’m now working on a better plan. I’ll have to look for my friend’s list again.

We dodged a catastrophe, and I am so grateful. I’ve walked The Ridge, which I refer to as “the hill” every other day since we got settled on our property six months ago. I’d walked it the morning of the fire, and I did again today. Seeing the burnt-out area up close and personal made me even more grateful. Firefighters were hosing down the area to make sure there were no hotspots left. The car that had started the blaze was sitting where it landed, wedged up against the tree that stopped its descent. I checked it out from every angle and wondered how the heck it got into that position. A huge boulder and another tree were enveloping it. It just didn’t make any sense to me.

I continued my walk farther down the hill, and on my return, I stopped to talk to a firefighter that was inspecting the area close to the car. I told him about my confusion as to how the car got there. He said that the car died while driving up the road, and without its power brakes, the driver couldn’t stop it from sliding back down the hill. The driver made it out okay, but apparently, the car caught on fire. As of the last report, the reason that car burned is still unknown. The whole thing is a bit odd to me. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how it happened.

As you can see from the pictures, the firefighters stopped what could have easily escalated into a huge disaster. Beyond every burnt area is dry brush and trees. There is a house within 100 yards of where the car landed. I thanked the firefighter profusely before continuing my trek up the hill. I said, “God bless you and keep you safe.” He was so unassuming and humble. “Just doing our job as best we can,” he replied. I can not begin to express how grateful I am for our public servants. So many of them are being treated horribly. Our dictator, governor Newscum, had the audacity to cut our firefighters’ wages by 7.5%. Meanwhile, he failed to take the 10% payout that he promised he would. He is the highest-paid governor in the United States. And look at the mess we are in.

I don’t want to make this a political post, but if you haven’t signed the Recall Newsom Petition, you should do it as soon as possible. This man needs to go, and we need to take back the state that we were once all so proud of. I’m praying for a Red Wave in California. I hope you all get out and vote.

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Gratefulness Abounds

Gratefulness Abounds

Thirty years ago, when our relationship was just budding, I told Tommy when we retired, it would be great to see the country in a motorhome. I believe it was a desire God placed in my heart. He knew that it would one day become a reality. He saw all of the difficulties that we would face, tackle, and overcome. Back then, I had long turned my back on Christ and was living the life of a heathen and Tommy didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. But God knew what was to come. He knew that we would both turn to Him in our hour of need one day, and He would give us the life that He had planned to bless us with.

As a bona fide, type-A, control-freak, letting go and letting God was not an easy thing for me to do. But it’s the best thing I ever did. The miracles and blessings that Christ has bestowed on me are too numerous to count. He wants to bless all of His children. Sometimes He needs to turn our lives upside down to get us to turn to Him. That’s how it was for Tommy and me. If you’ve read my memoir, Born Again in a Biker Bar, you know our story. If you haven’t, I invite you to check it out on Amazon.

 Now God is giving me another story to write. This cross-country trip has been so amazing. We are actually doing it for the second time. Last year we took off in July and returned home in October. We saw so many amazing places, much of it with me rolling around on a knee scooter because I’d broken my ankle. This year it officially started in September, and we won’t return to our property in Shingletown, California, until March.

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