Thirty years ago, when our relationship was just budding, I told Tommy when we retired, it would be great to see the country in a motorhome. I believe it was a desire God placed in my heart. He knew that it would one day become a reality. He saw all of the difficulties that we would face, tackle, and overcome. Back then, I had long turned my back on Christ and was living the life of a heathen and Tommy didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. But God knew what was to come. He knew that we would both turn to Him in our hour of need one day, and He would give us the life that He had planned to bless us with.

As a bona fide, type-A, control-freak, letting go and letting God was not an easy thing for me to do. But it’s the best thing I ever did. The miracles and blessings that Christ has bestowed on me are too numerous to count. He wants to bless all of His children. Sometimes He needs to turn our lives upside down to get us to turn to Him. That’s how it was for Tommy and me. If you’ve read my memoir, Born Again in a Biker Bar, you know our story. If you haven’t, I invite you to check it out on Amazon.

 Now God is giving me another story to write. This cross-country trip has been so amazing. We are actually doing it for the second time. Last year we took off in July and returned home in October. We saw so many amazing places, much of it with me rolling around on a knee scooter because I’d broken my ankle. This year it officially started in September, and we won’t return to our property in Shingletown, California, until March.

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