So Much Is At Stake

So Much Is At Stake

I’m so excited that we are re-electing President Trump today. I believe with every fiber of my being; he will win by the biggest landslide in United States history. We will also turn some blue states red and elect people who will work with our President to get things done. The things that he has accomplished while battling with the Left through his presidency are mind-boggling.

I’m going to assume that most voters have made up their minds about who they will vote for by now. Just in case there are still some undecided folks out there, I wanted to share some news with you that you aren’t hearing from the media. They refuse to share one tidbit of positive information about our President. As far as I’m concerned, they have lost all credibility as journalists. Their prejudice and bias are reprehensible.

If you haven’t tuned into the feature-length documentary, America Lost, I strongly encourage you to do so. The film explores the life of three forgotten American cities. Memphis, Tennessee, Stockton, California, and Youngstown, Ohio. It is a comprehensive and eye-opening look at why some people, especially minorities, fall through the cracks simply because of where they live and why they cannot see their way out.

It couldn’t be a timelier release for this documentary. With organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter wreaking havoc in inner cities that are experiencing so many of the pitfalls discussed in the movie, it’s the perfect time to shine a light on what has been going wrong for decades. Our President, who is not a politician but a businessman, was the ideal guy to tackle the inner-city issues that have long been ignored by previous presidents, Republicans and Democrats alike. Politicians in congress have capitalized on these cites’ plight by lying to the very people they say they are trying to help only to secure their votes. It makes me sick. They are the ones stirring up all of the unrest and violence by pushing the race disparity narrative. Don’t get me wrong; I know that improvements can be made in this area, and it is precisely what our President has been doing.

Allow me to share some facts with you.
#1. Under the Trump administration, the unemployment rate among black, Hispanic, Asian, and minority Americans plummeted to US history’s lowest rates.
#2. Poverty rates for African and Hispanic American’s reached the lowest rates ever.
#3. The First Step Act implemented by Trump in 2018 did more for minorities than any other president in history. It enacted reforms to our justice system to make it fairer and help former inmates successfully return to society. The reforms addressed the inequities in sentencing laws that disproportionately harmed black Americans. By reforming mandatory minimum sentences, that often created injustice, and expanding judicial discretion in sentencing for non-violent crimes, The First Step Act helped thousands of inmates. More than 90% of whom are black Americans. The rehabilitation programs for inmates implemented will help them successfully rejoin society and not return to a life of crime.
#4. Trump is promoting second chance hiring to give inmates a better chance at finding gainful employment so they won’t return to a life of crime. The “Ready to Work Initiative” he launched helps connect employers directly with former inmates.
#5. The Trump Administrations Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which saved hard-working Americans a lot of money, included adding Opportunity Zones for investors. The massive tax breaks and incentives have already created thousands of jobs by bringing businesses to low-income and undercapitalized communities.

The steps that President Trump has taken to reduce crime, unemployment and inequality for minorities are unprecedented. They are all things that his predecessors could have accomplished if they had a mind to. Many made huge promises and never followed through. Obama had eight years to do something for blacks and minorities, and he did nothing. By doing nothing for them and continuing to tell them that the issues plaguing them were because of their skin color, he has done an enormous disservice to us all. He left a legacy of disparagement, and if that weren’t bad enough, he and his Democrat cohorts are calling for violence and riots when President Trump wins.

Please pray and vote. Please vote for the people whose policies represent Biblical values. Please vote for freedom and not socialism. I think there are many smart Americans that can see through the media and the Left’s agenda. I believe that a vote for Trump and like-minded people to every office will result in the most robust economy that we have ever seen. I think that there will be more help for the oppressed, impoverished, and forgotten than any other administration has ever offered. It will come as a hand up, not a handout.

This points to the most significant difference in our candidates. Biden and the Democrat’s want to keep people enslaved in their situations with no hope for change. Our President wants to give people the tools to improve their conditions. A vote for Trump is a vote for hope and freedom. A vote for Biden is a vote for desperation, destruction, and socialism.

Thank you for your time. Now get out there and vote. God bless, Cat

So Much Is At Stake

You Call That a Debate?

I was expecting to be entertained by last night’s debate, but I could not have prepared myself for the bedlam that ensued. I believe that Chris Wallace deserves much of the blame for the lunacy that took place. I maintain that President Trump was the victor, but it was not an idyllic triumph, by any means. To his credit, it did appear that he was in a debate with Wallace and Biden. The definition of a mediator, one that mediates, especially one that reconciles differences between disputants, does not describe what Wallace was last night. The bias on the part of Chris was unmistakable, and he should be ashamed.

Biden on Obama Care was infuriating. The fact that he touts it as a great program that our president is destroying is laughable. The president’s America First Health Care Plan that he unveiled last week promises to cover pre-existing conditions, be cheaper than Obama Care, expand health care choices, and lower health care costs for seniors and families. Wallace wanted to camp on the fact that it took over three years for the Trump administration to finish building it and that it hasn’t been implemented this late in his first term. The time it took to put the package together apprises me that it will blow the doors off of Obama’s jumbled and mandated program, which he shoved down American’s throats. The failed Affordable Care Act and its 840-million-dollar website should not be seen as a feather in Biden’s cap, but one more reason not to vote for Sleepy Joe. I am grateful that one of our president’s first accomplishments was killing the mandate that forced people to pay fines for not purchasing medical insurance that they could not afford. It is just one of his many achievements, and I can only imagine what he will accomplish in his next term when he has a Republican House and Senate backing him up.

I believe that Biden was on medication to keep his eyes open. He refused to take a drug test despite Trump volunteering to do so. The many times he called my president a clown and the stupid smirk he wore almost cost me an excellent television. It was all I could do not to hurl something large and heavy at it. The lies that spewed from Biden’s mouth were maddening. Did he actually say that Antifa is not an organization? I might have thought it was fake news saying such a thing if I hadn’t heard it come out of his mouth.

I could go on and on, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Do I wish that Trump could have remained calm and less combative during the debate? Of course, I do. However, since Biden got under my skin and almost cost me a 63-inch Sony, I can’t slight my president. I might have walked over and punched Sleepy Joe in the nose. Overall, I think it took great restraint from a president that has been vilified and attacked by the media and the Democrat’s well before he stepped into the Oval Office not to go completely off the rails.

I don’t know if the so-called debate will change anyone’s minds about who they are voting for. Trump fans like me tuned in to see our president wipe up the floor with Sleepy Joe, and Biden fans watched in hopes that he wouldn’t make too big of a fool of himself, as he has just about every time he opens his mouth. If there is another debate, there needs to be a REAL moderator called in. I don’t know of anyone in the media that we could count on to do the job. Maybe they can find someone who will ask the critical questions and address things like abortion, terrorism, the Second Amendment, and the stripping of the religious freedoms afforded to us by the First Amendment.

I’m going to continue to pray for President Trump’s re-election, and a giant Red Wave like this country has never seen. God bless our president, and God bless America.

Copyright © 2020 Charisse Tyson

Cat’s Commentaries

Cat’s Commentaries

We are living in unprecedented times. Hostility and upheaval are the words of the day. Sadly, some of you want to blame it all on our president. I’m thrilled to be living in a more conservative part of California now. I can’t begin to imagine what it would have been like for me if I was still living in Hollister and running Johnny’s Bar & Grill. With a monthly nut of over $4600.00 for our lovely home and a requirement that I close my business for four months, only allowed to open with restrictions put in place by a tyrannical governor, it would not have been pretty. I thank God every day for sparing me from the horror that would have been my life.

In my 22+ years as the owner of historic Johnny’s Bar & Grill, I made many incredible friends. We were indeed a family. We are blessed to be living close to some exceptional friends who came into our lives through the bar. These friends were there from almost the beginning. They were a part of our wild and crazy party days. It’s truly amazing how we have all changed, not just in age but also in life’s priorities. We are all on the same page spiritually and politically. The Lord sure works in mysterious ways.

Now to my Trump-hating friends. Some of the comments I see on Facebook from people that I know and love absolutely break my heart. The real haters will not bother to read this post. You are not open to hearing a positive thing about our 45th president. He could personally find a cure for cancer, and you’d find a reason to slam him for it. The reasons for your hatred are unfounded and ludicrous. Did I lose most of you?
I’ve had friends go on about the fact that Trump has been married three times. I’ll bet there are quite a few of you that have been married more than once. I am Tommy’s third wife. We have been together for almost 31 years. I’m glad that our friends aren’t so judgmental about divorce, where my husband is concerned. Why is it so different when it’s Trump?

Another thing that makes the haters crazy is Trump’s brash personality and penchant for saying what he thinks. He doesn’t beat around the bush, and he tells it like it is. If you’ve known me for very long, you know I could just as well be describing myself. I’ve come a long way in that area, but I still have some work to do, which brings me to the fact that Trump has also changed a lot over the years. His views on many issues have changed just as mine has. All of you perfect folks out there that have never put your foot in your mouth, or said something tactless, go ahead and throw the first stone.

Those that knew met me in 1995 and those that met me ten years later would undoubtedly see me through different lenses. By 2005 I had been walking with the Lord for a few years. It changed me a lot as a person. The controlling, manipulative, my-way-or-the-highway, woman had to go if I was going to be all that God wanted me to be and have all that He wanted me to have. He had to slam me to my knees through Tommy’s request for a divorce. Our story gives credence to the vernacular that God uses bad things to bring about a good result. You can read the tale of our miracles in my memoir Born Again in a Biker Bar.

Why is it so hard for you haters to believe that I could change, but our president can’t? Have you folks changed any of your beliefs in your adult years? Have you become a better person? I would hope so. Have you ever done things that you regretted? If you say that you haven’t, I’m going to call you a liar. There I go with that brash, straightforward mouth. We ALL have areas in our lives and personalities that can use some growth. I’m glad that God has been so patient with me. My changes didn’t happen overnight, and I’m still a work in progress.

I can be reckless and occasionally insensitive, but I’ll tell you what I’m not. I’m not a racist, and neither is our president. Apparently, because I support Donald Trump, some of you have decided that I must be racist. That’s ludicrous. If I addressed all of the lies that the media is shoving down the hater’s throats in one post, it would be way too long. I’m going to talk about one issue at a time. Today it’s the lie that President Trump is a racist. I’m going to share some concrete facts that prove otherwise. If you’re still with me and are not a hater, you may want to jot some of this down to share it with your hater friends. That is if they still talk to you. I haven’t written anybody off because they believe differently from me, but many have written me off. That’s just one example of the difference between Trump supporters and haters. With haters, there is no room for a difference of opinion.

Here are some facts that blow the racist falsehood right out the window. I pray that there are a few open-minded, undecided folks that will read this. First of all, the unemployment rate among black, Hispanic, Asian, and minority Americans plummeted to the lowest rates in history under President Trump. If you don’t believe me, look it up. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to research every statement I make. You should know for yourself. No one needs to take my word for it. Under the Trump administration, poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans reached an ALL-TIME low. Please don’t even try to tell me it was because of anything that Obama did before leaving office. That is easily disputed.

President Trump implemented the First Step Act in 2018 and did more for minorities than any other president in history. That includes our first black president. I’m willing to bet that many of you have never even heard of the First Step Act. I’m going to tell you a bit about it because it was life-changing for many minorities.

First of all, it enacted reforms that make the justice system fairer and helps inmates to return to society successfully. The reforms addressed inequities in sentencing laws that disproportionately harmed black Americans and reformed mandatory minimum sentences that often created injustice. It expanded judicial discretion in sentencing for non-violent crimes. Judges can now look at all the extenuating circumstances and give sentences that they believe are fair.
The First Step Act provides rehabilitation programs to inmates, helping them to successfully take their place in society and not return to a life of crime. Here’s a big one for you, folks. More than 90% of those benefiting from the retroactive sentencing reductions are black Americans. Where does that fit in the racist rhetoric?

President Trump is promoting second-chance hiring to allow former inmates to live crime-free lives and find meaningful employment. He launched a new “Ready to Work” Initiative that helps connect employers directly with former prisoners. Too bad, our first black president didn’t come up with the fabulous First Step Act.

Now let’s talk about the Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Trump increased its funding by over 14%. He also signed legislation forgiving Hurricane Katrina debt that threatened many of the HBCU’s. He made those colleges and universities a priority by creating the position of Executive Director of the White House on HBCU’s. You’d think a black president would have done things like that, not a racist. Trump received the Bipartisan Justice Award at a Historically Black College for his criminal justice reform accomplishments. Would a black college give the award to a racist? I think not.

One of the most significant accomplishments our president made, and you won’t hear about from the media, is the historic tax cut legislation that included the new Opportunity Zone Incentives. They promote investment in low-income communities across the country. Here’s a quote from the Economic Innovation Group about Opportunity Zones: 31.5 million people call Opportunity Zones home (35 million, including Puerto Rico and the territories). The majority of Opportunity Zones residents, 57 percent, are non-white minorities, compared to 39 percent of the country as a whole. Black Americans are particularly over-represented in Opportunity Zones, constituting nearly twice as large a share of the zone population as they do the national population. Would a racist president insist we help bring back abandoned cites like Detroit with these initiatives through tax cuts? According to my Trump-hating friends, he only cares about the rich. Opportunity Zones are expected to spur one hundred billion dollars in longterm private capital investment in economically distressed communities across the nation. That is if we can put this COVID crap behind us and get on with making America great again.

I’m pretty sure the only people still hanging with me at this point are either Trump supporters or undecided folks. This is way too much positive information about our president for the haters to handle. I’ve been reading a lot and doing a lot of research. I got many facts from Ralph Reed’s book, For God and Country, The Christian Case For Trump. You should check it out and also read David Horowitz’s book The Dark Agenda. It will blow your mind.

We all need to step up to the plate if we want to save our nation. If we don’t want to see America become a socialist country, we need to reelect President Trump. You don’t need to like the man, but you should examine the policies he’s made that make America great. Compare them to the policies of Biden and Harris. When you do, the choice is clear. Just imagine what Donald Trump will accomplish when he has a Republican House and Senate working with him. It will be epic!

Thanks for hanging with me. I hope I’ve enlightened you a little. I plan on talking about more of President Trump’s accomplishments as we head into the election. The media has no intention of sharing the truth with the American people. They are in the back pockets of the Democrat’s. Tommy and I refuse to watch the news anymore. The slanderous lies, misquotes, and twisted scenarios are only going to get worse. It would be best if you made your decisions based on your research and your gut. You need to follow your moral beliefs when you check those boxes. I won’t even get started on abortion. That’s for another day.

God bless you, our president, and God bless America. Trump 2020 and a big Red Wave coming. We need to pray daily for all of it.

Copyright © 2020 Charisse Tyson